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Api Nail Academy is a professional nail school offering high-quality education.

For a career as a licensed nail tech, there’s a lot to learn: the artistry of nail design, manicure and pedicure techniques for hands, arms and feet, the importance of safety, sterilization and sanitation, and more. But with a great education, there is also a lot to gain. Api Nail School’s education will give you the opportunity to pursue your dreams in the beauty industry—whether that means building a growing client base, or even opening your own salon.

Successful nail artists are creative people with a strong sense of design and masterful technical abilities. They also need to be savvy business people who keep up with industry trends, treat their clients to the best possible service, and understand how to market and manage their business. From creativity to product knowledge to nail enhancement, our program gives you the skill set you’ll need to begin a career in the nail industry.

Api Nail Academy is a specialized institution that offers training and education in the field of nail care, design, and artistry. Our academy typically provide courses and programs that teach students about the anatomy and physiology of nails, nail diseases and disorders, proper sanitation and hygiene practices, and various techniques for manicures, pedicures, and artificial nail applications. In addition to practical skills, Api Nail Academy also teach students about the latest trends and techniques in nail artistry, including embellishments, acrylics, gel nails, and other forms of nail enhancements. Students may also learn about running a nail salon or business, marketing their services, and building a clientele. 100% Practice on real models on our materials. Overall, we can provide students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in the competitive field of nail care and design.

Monday : 10:00AM–7PM
Tuesday : 10:00AM–7PM
Wednesday : 10:00AM–7PM
Thursday : 10:00AM–7PM
Friday : 10:00AM–7PM
Saturday : 10:00AM–7PM
Sunday: Closed

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